KACTE Advocacy Tools

CTE: Relevant Education — Providing an Effective CTE System for Kentucky

Starving — a position paper advocating for increased CTE classroom supplies and equipment.

Starving One Page Advocacy flyer

Informational Rack Card with three simple messages: CTE Is Economic Development, CTE Is Learning that Works, and CTE Is a Doorway to Careers, with each message is supported by documented facts.

A Proven Investment in Kentucky’s Future — A Position Statement for Increased Investment in Career and Technical Education to Support Student Success and Spur Economic Development.

Kentucky Teachers Retirement: Responsibility, Recruitment, Retention — A Position Statement on the Kentucky Teachers Retirement System Unfunded Liabilities and the Impact on Quality Education for the Commonwealth’s Future.

Educate students, parents, educators and others about Career and Technical Education with these short, informative videos.

To paraphrase a well-known saying, the success of a democratic society depends on a well-informed public. KACTE addresses this challenge. Included in KACTE’s Bylaw-adopted objectives are:

to advocate for Kentucky and national policy to benefit CTE; and
to promote public awareness of the value of CTE as an integral part of the total program of education and solicit public support for these programs.

Effective advocacy involves being informed, knowing the issues, following the policy, and acting professionally. The Issues section provides access to Updates, Policy Documents, and Advocacy Guidelines for any KACTE member to be an effective advocate for CTE.

Additionally, news of federal legislative and policy issues affecting CTE, as well as other legislative advocacy information and tools, can be found on the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) website.

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