Kentucky Advocacy Guidelines

There are several ways to advocate professionally for legislation and policy. As individuals in a democratic society with a representative form of government, professionals have every right — some may argue duty — to inform legislators and policy makers; to educate them on the realities of the community and the needs to be addressed. KACTE offers these advocacy guidelines to help members achieve their legislative and policy goals.

THE NUMBER ONE rule of advocacy is TO BE INFORMED. Do your research! Make sure you know the issues — both sides — before presenting your advocacy arguments. Please refer to the items in the Updates and Policy Documents subsections. Additional news and information on federal legislation and policy — as well as additional aides for advocacy action — can be found on the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) website,

The Individual’s Role in Legislative Advocacy (PDF)

KACTE’s Legislative Resource Packet (PDF)

Sample Telephone Script (PDF)

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